Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Liebster Award

Hey Everyone! I was tagged by the sweet Rose from Rose and Beauty for the Liebster Award! Please go over and check out her blog and follow her through bloglovin. Here is her Link --> RoseandBeauty

Bloggers that I've tagged - here's what you need to do
*You must answer the 11 questions that are asked by the blogger that tagged you*

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The Questions

1: why did you start blogging?
I Started blogging about 2 months ago and I just love it! I started because I have this love for makeup and none of my friends share it with me so I wanted to create an outlet for me that I can share my love for makeup products with those who also love makeup as much as I do!

2: what is your most loved brand?
I would have to say that my favorite brand it Revlon for drugstore and Urban Decay for Higher End.

3: whats the most expensive thing in your makeup collection?
The most expensive thing in my collection would have to be a makeup brush that I spent $49 dollars on! Eeeek I am to embarrassed to say where its from.

4: whats one beauty product you couldn't live without?
I can not live with out Foundation. I just feel like having the smooth even skin tone that foundation gives you makes your appearance so much better. 

5: do you prefer budget  beauty or high end beauty?
I prefer budget beauty. Don't get me wrong I love high end beauty but I just like that you can get so much more for a lot less money.

6: what is your most worn perfume?
I don't wear perfume that often but lately I have been loving the black perfume by Lady GaGa, it smells simply wonderful. I also like Dulce and Gabanna the One.

7:do you prefer neutrals or brights?
I always wear neutrals.

8: where is your favourite place to shop?
Ulta and Walgreens are the best places. Sometimes Target can get you some good deals too.

9:what is your biggest hope/wish in life?
My biggest hope/ wish in life to be happy. I want my husband and I to grow old together and just be really happy. I also hope that one day we will be blessed enough to have children.

10: what is your most loved memory?
My favorite memory would have to be my wedding day. Although a few crazy things happened. It was so special because my husband and I had everyone that we truly love and care about there to celebrate with us. That day was just so special.

11: what is your biggest beauty fail?
Biggest beauty fail for me would have to be when I started using false eyelashes. I mean those things were the hardest concept for me to grasp. It took me (No Joke!) about a year to get the hang of it, but now I love them!
I Tag:

Here are your questions:

1. What is your favorite brand of makeup both high end and drugstore?
2.  How long does it take you to get ready for work or school?
3. What is your go to skin care product? Hair Product?
4. If you could only have one makeup item for the rest of your life what would you have?
5. How often do you post blogs?
6. Where is your favorite place to purchase beauty items?
7. Do you watch YouTube and if so who is your favorite beauty guru?
8. What is your favorite thing to post blogs about?
9. What was the most recent beauty/makeup item that you purchased?
10. When your in a hurry, what makeup do you apply?


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Cute Nails

Hey Everyone!!

So this week my bestie called me up and said I am coming to pick you up lets go get some manis! I was all in because it had been sooooooo long since I had one done.

Grace came and picked me up and we went to our favorite little nail salon where we have been going for over 10 years! AB Nails is a family owned nail salon here in the Central Kentucky Area! The guy and his wife that own the salon are so good and we can't bare to go any where else.

I went in to get a gel manicure and I came out with the cutest design I just had to share it with you!

I do have to admit that this was inspired by a pinterest post <--- check it out here.

Overall I am so happy with this and it was well worth the price ($35).

Just wanted to share with you all and Let me know what your favorite nail designs are! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter!

As Always Leave Comments Below!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sigma's Make Me Cool & Synthetic Essential Kit

Hey everyone! I recently made a HUGE purchase from Sigma Beauty. I purchased two different sets of Makeup brushes from them.

I have owed the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush for a while now and I LOVE it sooo much! I have been wanting to purchase more for a while so I finally saved up enough money and I took the plunge.

The website is very user friendly and easy to use. The shipping was not too bad, although I still feel like the amount of money I was spending should have earned me free shipping, with that being said the brushes did arrive at my house within 2 business days via US Mail.

I did receive a discount, I used the discount code from Melissa (MELMPHS) on YouTube! I just love her, check her videos out she is sooooooo funny!

They also had a special going on that if you spend over $30.00 you received a free mini spa brush cleansing mitt. THIS however I was really disappointed in and I thought was a joke, I mean I literally laughed when I saw it. It is soooo tiny! The plus side to this is that it did come with a coupon code for $5.00 off the purchase of the Spa Glove. Which I do plan on purchasing this in the future. If you would like me to share the code with you follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the Code!!!!

Here is what I purchased:

** The Sigma Make Me Cool Set **
       This set contains the following Brushes:
E05 Eyeliner, E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading, E60 Large Shader, E65 Small Angle, E70 Medium Angled Shading, F30 Large Powder, F40 Large Angled Contour, F50 Duo Fiber, F60 Foundation, and F70 Concealer.

Click Here to Buy Them

This kit is great for beginners, it provides all of the essential brushes that you need in order to apply your make up and get great results. This set is kind of pricey but considering that you get 12 brushes it is well worth the price of $120.00. They also come in a case that splits off into 2 cups that you can use to store your makeup brushes on your vanity.

** The Synthetic Essential Kit **
        This set contains the following Brushes:
P80 Precision Flat, P82 Precision Round, P84 Precision Angled, P86 Precision Tapered, P88 Precision Flat Angled, F80 Flat Top Kabuki, F82 Round Top Kabuki, F84 Angled Kabuki, F86 Tapered Kabuki, and F88 Flat Angled Kabuki.

Click here to buy them

This kit is great for cream or powder products. They are very dense brushes and leave your final look with an airbrushed finish. This set comes with 10 brushes and costs $131.00,  I will admit this is kind of expensive but again well worth the price. The downfall to these brushes are they don't come with the cute cups to store them in. The P80 ( the top brush pictured in the second photo) is my favorite, this brush is great for applying concealer!!!

Overall so far I am extremely happy with the purchase of all of these brushes! I never truly knew how great these brushes were until this purchase. They really do make a difference in how the make up is applied! Like I said earlier I do plan on making more purchase from Sigma in the future!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments below. Also Don't Forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest !

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Favs & Flops Drugstore Foundations

Hey Everyone! This is the second installment of my Fav's & Flops Series. I hope that you enjoyed my first installment with Drugstore Mascaras(click here to read it if you haven't). With out further ado Let's get started!
** Note ** All of these foundations were applied with a F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush by Sigma. **


1. Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Stick Foundation:
        This is a new foundation that has recently hit the shelves of drugstores so naturally I had to run out and make a purchase. I was very intrigued because this foundation is in stick form, I love stick foundations because of the non messy application it allows for. I purchased this in the shade #130 Buff Beige. There is .32 oz of product in the tube. The foundation claims to have an anti shine core. I used this product for a week and I do not like it at all. This product oxidized throughout the day and ended up looking very patchy as the product wore off. The product is very creamy and moisturizing BUT I do not think this a good product and I would not repurchase this or recommend this product for anyone.

2. Revlon Nearly Naked:
        The nearly naked foundation came out several months ago and I purchased mine at Wal-Mart in the shade #130 Shell. You do get 1 oz. of product in the bottle. This product has no pump with it which is a negative for me.  This color was just a tad bit to dark for me but it was very workable for my skin tone. This coverage is a very sheer coverage, however you can build up the coverage enough to a medium coverage level. The foundation is very creamy but it is not moisturizing to the skin. I simply did not like this foundation because of the sheer coverage. I will not repurchase this, however if you do like a sheer natural finish to your foundation this product might be great for you.

3. Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation:
      This foundation has been out for a few months now and I have almost used up the whole container that I purchased. I found mine at Walmart and I purchased the shade #325 Buff Beige, you get .6 oz in the jar. This foundation is a very light whipped product, this makes it very easy to apply. The coverage is a medium coverage which is nice considering it does not feel heavy on the skin. I had to put this product in my flops because the wearing power of it is not good. I applied the foundation at 8:00 am and by 1:00 or 2:00 pm in the afternoon I feel that there is nothing left on my face. I feel that the wearing power is something that is so important in a foundation. I would not repurchase this product.


1. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation:
         This is my all time favorite foundation from the drugstore. When they came out with this product I was really excited and I was not disappointed after trying it. The product gives a full coverage application and is a matte foundation. I have purchased two jars of this foundation the shades are #150 Buff and #240 Natural Beige. These two shades are perfect matches for me in the winter when I am paler and in the summer when I have a little bit of color. You do get .8 oz of product in the jar. The only negative thing about the foundation is that the packaging is very bulky. This can make it very hard to travel with. Overall I love the coverage and I would recommend this to anyone to try because I know that you would fall in love with it too. I will note that if you have really oily skin I do not recommend this for you.

2. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation:
               I was hesitant to try this foundation because I do not generally like covergirl foundations due to the smell that they have. I went on and gave it a shot and I fell in love with this foundation. The bottle comes with 1 oz., which is very generous considering other drugstore brands. I purchased the shade in #825 Buff Beige.  This bottle also has a pump which I  LOVE! The pump makes it so much easier to apply and not as messy. The coverage is a sheer to medium coverage. It is not heavy on the skin and I think that it is great for just wearing to run about town doing errands. It says that is has the coverage of a concealer, I do disagree with this because I did have to apply a concealer in order to cover any blemishes that I had. Overall I love this product and I have already repurchased a backup and I would recommend everyone make this a staple in their makeup collection.

3. Revlon Colorstay Foundation For Normal to Dry Skin:
               I purchased this color in #150 Buff. This foundation has been my holy grail foundation for so many years. The foundation gives the best coverage and it is soooo long wearing. The bottle is 1 oz. which is a nice amount considering it does not take that much to apply a medium to full coverage application. I never have any type of oxidation when wearing this and I did find that it did not stick to any dry patches on my skin. The staying power is all day and I have to use makeup remover to remove the foundation prior to washing my face. I love this product and will continue to purchase it in the future and would recommend this to anyone who wants a good foundation that can compare to any high end foundation.

Thank you all for reading the second installment of my Fav's and Flops on Drugstore Mascara. If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments below! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter , Facebook, and through Bloglovin.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Skin Care Routine

I always get compliments on my skin and how clear my skin is so I decided to do a post on my skincare routine.

As I posted in my review on the Fuzz Off by Bliss, I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, as a result from the PCOS I do get cystic acne. Which if any of you know about cystic acne it is very painful and very discouraging on finding a solution on how to resolve the problem. So I strive daily to keep my skin as clean as possible to avoid any unnecessary breakouts.

I currently do not eat any dairy products. Such as cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. I avoid this because in all of my research I have found that dairy can cause flare ups with cystic acne sufferers.

Step One:
  To Begin I remove all of my makeup. I first use a facial cleansing towelette, lately I have been using the up & up brand from Target in the orange packet. I like these very much and they seem to do the job. I then proceed to use the Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil to remove the remaining make up that is left. This stuff is awesome and get any trace of makeup off of your face. It works really well for eye makeup because it is not very harsh near the eye areas.

Step Two: 
  In my step two I use my facial cleanser. I use the Purity by Philosophy. This is a gentle cream cleanser and it very creamy feeling. The smell is a clean soapy smell but it does not seem to bother me. This is a very gentle cleanser and has no type of exfoliate beads in the product that would be harsh to the skin. I use this with my Clarisonic Mia 2, I use the deep pore cleansing head. The clairsonic is AMAZING. It gets my skin sooo clean and it feels very refreshed. I also feel like it fully deep cleans my pores and this is very effective when trying to avoid a break out. Once I rinse my face clean I then pat dry with a clean cotton towel.

Step Three:
  Once I am done washing my face I then proceed to use a toner. I am currently using the Toner by Sea Breeze that is for Sensitive Skin. This is very cheap and can be purchased at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. I like this product because it removes any trace of make that may be remaining and any residue that the face cleanser may leave. It does have A LOT of alochol in it so it is very drying on the skin and does sting the slightest bit. ( although this photo is of the meijer brand, they were out of the Sea Breeze brand when I purchased it....This works just as well)

Step Four:
  Once the toner has dried on my skin I then apply my moisturizer to my skin. Currently I am using the Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. This moisturizer has no SPF in it and is very soothing to the skin. I also really like the Hope in a Jar because it is very light weight and it soaks into the skin very quickly.

Here are the Links to Where you can Purchase all of the Products that I am Currently using in my Daily Skin Care Routine:

Up&Up Facial Cleansing Towelettes
Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil 
Purity Facial Cleanser by Philosophy 
Clarisonic Mia 2
Sea Breeze Skin Toner
Hope in a Jar Moisturizer

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me Know what your favorite skin care routine products are. Leave them in the comments below!

It's Haul Time Again!!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to share my most recent haul with you!! I recently celebrated my birthday on the 11th of July. My husband never knows what to purchase for me when it comes to gifts so he usually takes me to buy something. This year I decided that I wanted to go to Ulta. Matt (my husband) does not like to be in Ulta for hours so he dropped me at the door and he went next door to Best Buy while I did some shopping.

I wasn't really looking for anything specific so I just shopped around looking at what deals I could find. So here is the list of what I purchased! I know I went a little crazy however, it was my birthday so that is what I am using as my excuse.

1. Laura Geller Dream Team Duo in Apricot Berry $25.00
2. Laura Geller Fresh Brewed Beauty Collection $39.00
3. Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara in Brown $4.79 (clearance item)
4. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Wild $7.99
5. Enroot Moisturize My Hair Conditioner by the Balm $14.99 ( buy 1 get 1 50% off)
6. Enroot Moisturize My Hair Shampoo by the Balm $14.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
7. Enroot Flexible Hold Hair Spray by the Balm $19.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
8. Enroot Shine Serum by the Balm $16.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
9. Kardashian Collection lip gloss in Natural Honey $8.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
10. Kardashian Collection Joystick lip lacquer in Baby doll Pink $8.99 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
11. Covergirl Lashblast Lengthening Mascara in Very Black $4.49 (clearance item)
12. Loreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo in Cheeky $2.19 (clearance item)
13. Loreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo in Dynamic $2.19 (clearance item)
14. Kenra Volume Conditioner $15.99
15. Kenra Volume Shampoo $15.99
16. Philosophy Purity Made Simple $33.00
17. NYX Lip Butter In Eclair $4.99
18. NYX Lip Butter in Maple Blondie $4.99

All of these items can be purchased at!

I hope everyone enjoyed this haul and I can not wait to start using these products! I also love trying new things. If you would like to have a full review on any of these products please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know which one!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Gift Offer at Sigma Beauty for Any Purchase Over $30.00!!!!!!

Excited to Share This With You Guys!!! I definitely jumped over to the website to take advantage of this gift offer! I had to buy some brushes anyways so why not take advantage of the free gift!

"We are excited to announce a brand new complimentary gift! For a limited time only, all purchases over $30 will receive a mini Spa Glove! This exciting new sample is a great opportunity to test out the revolutionary Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove ($35). Share this update with your followers!"
I also have also have the current coupon code for July 2013. Enter this in the box at check out and you will get an additional 10% off your entire purchase:

Be Sure to Comment Below and Let me Know What Brushes You Purchased!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Fuzz Off"

Hey Everyone! Today I have a great product to recommend to you!

I know that not very many women like to talk about this topic however I am about to go there! Many women get facial hair that is very hard to get rid of and can be very expensive to maintain. Facial hair is not uncommon to grow on the upper lip, chin, and side burns on women. I personally suffer from PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. One of the side effects from this disorder is the unwanted facial hair growth. I know it's embarrassing, but lets be honest there is not a thing to be ashamed about for having it. The reason that the facial hair grows is because a woman who suffers from PCOS produces too much testosterone causing the facial hair to grow, now I am not saying your growing a full on beard but there is some peach fuzz.

                                                                Harriet_Carney_the_Bearded_Lady_-_Red-Jared_Deal-Harriet_Carney_the_Bearded_Lady-Carnival_Cartoons-trampt-38941m.jpg (234×438)

I personally would just go once a month and basically have them wax my face off! LOL!! But really this can be very expensive, not to mention very bad for your skin. I have been waxing so long that my eyebrows barely grow back any more, which for me is a good thing.

I have had a problem with chin "Fuzz" for some time now and I can never seem to get to the salon to have it waxed before it begins to become apparent. It has gotten so bad at times that my husband says and I quote."Hunny you need to shave your beard". He's is so crazy but it's true it does get noticeable because I have really dark hair. Now I never have more than like 20 little hairs but still I know it is there. So I am always on to look out for good facial hair removers. I have tried Nair and Sally Hansen products and they never seem to work.

I recently was walking through Ulta and I discovered the "Fuzz Off" Facial Hair Remover from Bliss. I immediately was intrigued and wanted to know more.... I pick up the box and read the back and it says that it was a facial hair removal cream for the chin, upper lip, and hair line. The box specifically says that it is not for use near the eye brows. So I convinced myself to give it a try ( I have loved other products by Bliss in the Past) and so I bought it. At Ulta is was $24.00 but I did have my coupon for $3.50 off any purchase.
                                                          BLISS-482.jpg (236×236)

After purchasing it I brought it home and just set the box on my vanity and stared at it for several days. I was working up enough courage to actually try it out. Then Sunday Night I finally decided to give it a whirl. I read the directions and it says to apply a thick layer on the areas where the hair is unwanted and keep the product on that area for 3 minutes. So I did just that, now I have really thick course hair so I decided to go a full 5 minutes. The box says not to go more than 10 minutes.

The cream is white and the description says that it has a fresh clean scent, however this stuff stinks! It smells just like any other facial hair removal cream. I do however appreciate the fact that it is in a squeeze tube much like a lip gloss tube. This packaging makes it very easy to apply to the targeted areas. A very little bit goes along way, this is nice because for $24 and only getting .5 ounces makes it really hard to part with the product.

Soooo the timer that I set went off and I proceeded to get a clean paper towel and dampen it and wipe the product off and to my amazement all of the stubble hair on my chin came right off! This product got everything and left my skin feeling very smooth, soft, and moisturized. I was actually shocked because this stuff really worked. I proceeded to wash my face and apply my moisturizer with no trace of any type of skin irritation.

I am in love with this stuff! I feel like this is what I have been searching for, for so long. I would recommend this product to anyone that suffers from the same facial hair issues that I have. You will have to get past the smell but the end result is well worth it. Now I will say there was a slight tingle when the product was on, but it was nothing to really be bothersome.

Great Product and Cute Packaging as all of the Bliss Products have. I will say the price is a little steep considering what you are buying. In the end I spend more than $24 at the salon when I get my face waxed so I can't really complain too much about the price. This is so much more convenient because I can do it in the privacy of my own home (as long as my husband doesn't make fun of me or ask what is on my face). I would tell anyone to give it a try and I do not think you will be disappointed!

Good Luck and Remember DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED BY YOUR FACIAL HAIR!! I hope you guys enjoyed this review, I had a lot of fun writing it,  and if you have any questions please leave me a comment or feel free to contact me via email.

PS-- Tweet me @allnightbeauty1 and let me know about your facial hair removal issues! Use #hairyladies to share the love

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fav's & Flops Series Drugstore Mascara

Hey Everyone! Today is the first part of an all new series that I am starting. The Favs and Flops. 

The first part to this series is all about drugstore mascaras. Boy oh Boy do I have some to dish about! I currently have 9 different Drugstore Mascaras, I know I should be ashamed of myself. So Lets Get Started!

Lets begin with My favs!

1. Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher Mascara - This mascara has been tried and proven to be a fantastic mascara! I love the formula, it is not a very wet formula but it is not to drying either. The wand applicator is slightly curved with short rubber bristles. I feel with these bristles that you are able to really work the mascara into your lashes and build up the volume. I have mine in the color Very Black, the color is very pigmented and is a great black mascara. The name is very true to what the product is named for there is no clumps with this mascara. I do think that the staying power is great it lasts a whole day with no running or flaking. Overall This mascara is great! I have already repurchased it so this mascara will forever be a staple in my collection.

2. Revlon Lash Potion - This mascara is relatively new on the market. I found this a couple of months back when it first came out and to be honest the packaging is what drew me to it. As you will see later in this post I have never been to fond of Revlon Mascaras, However this one proved me wrong. I have loved this mascara and I have been using it for a few weeks now. The formula is a wet formula and provides a lot of volume for your lashes, but the thing I love the most about this mascara is the lengthening effect that it has on your lashes. The Lash Potion has a great wand and it is  kind of large, at first I did not think I would like the wand but it grew on me very quickly.  This  product is Great! I would recommend this to anyone! 

3. L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer - I have used the mascara for sometime now and I continue to switch to other mascaras however whenever I pull this one out again I fall back in love with it again. The formula is a dryer formula and the color is great. The mascara provides great length to your lashes however the volume is something that you do have to build up. The wand is very thin and the bristles are very  short but this does make it very easy to work the product into your lashes and build up the volume. Great product and I would repurchase this again. 

4. Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express - All over the blogs and You Tube this mascara did not get great reviews, on a whim I decided to just give it a try and much to my surprise I really Like this mascara. It is not very pigmented but it does not flake or run after several hours of wearing it. The formula does keep the lashes very soft to the touch, which I think this is my favorite thing about this mascara. I hate to feel my lashes and they feel like they are going to break off but this formula leaves them feeling soft almost as if your not wearing mascara. The wand is a larger wand and the bristles are okay the only thing I do not particularly care for is that the wand is flexible and is able to move. I know they designed this to allow you to have the freedom to move the wand and work the product into your lashes, however I do not care for it. Overall I would recommend this to anyone it's definitely worth a shot.

Now for My Flops:

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes - This mascara was AWFUL! I do not recommend this to anyone! I purchased this because the marketing of this was to make your eyelashes appear to sparkle as if you had diamonds on your lashes. This mascara is full of glitter! As I was wearing this flakes of glitter would get in my eye and it caused my eyes to water and it was just hot mess all the way around. I do not recommend this to anyone!

2. Revlon Photoready 3D Volume - I purchased this mascara because of the wand. I love wands with short rubber bristles, but this mascara formula is not good. I did not get any volume from this product at all and it was very drying. I was hanging on to it and I would come back to it and every time I would very disappointed. The color payoff is not great however the staying power is very good. 

3. Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express - I have heard soooo many good things about this mascara online from beauty gurus so I ran out and bought it. MAN o MAN was I so disappointed! The formula is really really wet and it takes forever to dry and I feel like I am always smearing this mascara all over my eyelids! The brush has the short rubber bristles, as I mentioned I love, but the bristles are so short I feel that this mascara leaves me with like three lashes that are full of clumps. It may work better for other people but it just did not work for me and I was really disappointed in this mascara. Although the packaging is cute and I love the blue and pink colors together!

4. Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes - This is by far the worst mascara that I have ever used from the drugstore. The formula is awful it clumps and runs all over the place. The brush is HUGE and has really long bristles, this does not allow you to work the brush into the lashes to build volume. The lengthening that it provides the lashes is okay however I just can't get past how big this brush. This was really hard to work with and I will NOT be repurchasing this.

5. Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara -  I have only had this mascara for about a month now. I was really excited to buy it and try it out. I love the formula, it does not flake or run even on the most humid of days. The thing that makes this a flop is the wand. The wand is an hourglass shape, this prevents you from being able to work the mascara into lashes and build the volume and length in the center. The inner and outer corners of your lashes are fine but the centers are not even like the rest of your lashes. I do like the bristles just wish the wand was shaped differently. I had to make this a flop for that reason. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this first installment of my Favs & Flops! Please leave me comments if you have any questions or have any requests for the Favs & Flops series. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Series Starting!!!

Hey Everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to start a series entitled the Fav's and Flops! This series is going to be about favorite products from the drugstore and the flop version of the  product. I am going to do this series in several parts....for example Fav & Flop of Drugstore Foundations. This is where I will review several drugstore foundations and tell you if they were a Flop or a Fav Stay tuned for the first post! Also if you have any suggestions or would like me to feature a certain product Please let me know in the comments below! 
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