Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Everyday Makeup Brushes

Hey Everyone! Today I am going to try something different so I hope that you guys enjoy this post and leave me comments below and let me know what you think.

Let’s Get Started!

Today I am going to be talking about the makeup brushes that I use on a daily basis. I have also filmed a video to go alongside this post. I will link the video in the post. I hope that you go and watch it and subscribe to my YouTube Channel that I have Started.

I have a huge collection of Makeup Brushes. I enjoy collecting them and trying out different brushes to see how it affects my makeup application. The Brushes that I will talk about in this post are the ones that I grab for on a daily basis and have quickly become my Favorites.

Face Brushes:

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki: This brush changed how I looked at how my foundation was applied. Prior to purchasing the F80 brush I would apply my foundation with sponge applicator or my fingers. The F80 Brush allows for an even application and creates and air brushed finish to your skin. There are a lot of Bristles in this brush and it is very dense. This brush alone has forever changed my makeup routine.

Rite Aide Renewal Powder Brush: I stumbled across this brush on accident at Rite Aide. I believe that it retails for around $8 or $9 at Rite Aide. This brush is very fluffy and applies powder or bronzer very even over the entire face. I especially love this brush because of the way that it holds its shape after each time that I wash it. This is a great hidden gem at the drug store. I would recommend you to purchase it if you are able to get your hands on it.

Walmart Blush Brush: This brush has been talked about by YouTubers EmilyNoel83 and KristenGehm. I found this brush at my local walmart and I believe it was between $3 or $4. The brush has a lot of bristles and picks up a TON of product when dipped into the blushes. The shape of the brush is angled and I feel that it is the perfect size for sweeping the color across the cheek bones. After I washed this brush a few times I was really impressed of the quality of the brush because it held its shape and there was no fallout for the bristles.

real Techniques Blush Brush: This brush can be purchased at Ulta or online. I believe it retails for around $12 or $13. It is a domed shaped brush with a pink and black handle. I have used this brush for blush, but when I used it for blush I found that it did not pick up the product very well. So I have found that when I use it for highlighting or contouring that it picks up the perfect amount of product. The dome shaped brush head make it perfect for applying the bronzer under your cheekbone for contouring.

Sigma Large Angle Contour F40: This brush is very similar in shape to the Walmart brush, however this brush has a smaller head of bristles. I use this brush strictly for contouring. This brush much like the real techniques blush brush, is the perfect size to get under the cheekbone and bring the bronzer back up to the hair line. It also has a dense enough set of bristles to make it very easy to blend the bronzer into the skin. I purchased this brush in the Sigma Make me Cool set.

Eye Brushes:

Real Techniques Shading Brush: This brush is purple with a black handle and I believe retails for around $9 or $10 at Ulta. I use this brush for applying my brow bone highlight and my inner corner tear duct area color. I like this because the bristles are very fluffy and they do not pick up a lot of color. The bristles are very soft and this makes it very easy to blend the eye shadows out. I also like this brush because it is very thin and small, this makes it very easy to travel with.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Brush from Naked 2 Palette: This brush came with the naked 2 palette. It is a great eye shadow brush. It is not very dense, however it picks up a lot of color. I enjoy using this brush to make on the eye shadows onto the lid. It does not do well with blending, but packing on color is the best use for it. The brush itself is very heavy for a makeup brush, but I feel that just justifies the quality of the brush.

Sigma Precision Flat P80: This is the baby of the F80 that I spoke about earlier. This literally is the same brush just in a smaller size. This brush is perfect for applying concealer under the eye and around the nose. I also use this brush to wipe away fall out from eye shadows around my eyes. GREAT PURCHASE and I would recommend to everyone.

Sigma Pencil E30: This is just a standard pencil brush that I use to bring the eye shadows down onto the lower lash line. I also purchased this brush in the Sigma Make me Cool Set.

Sigma Medium Angled Shading E70: I have what I call Semi Hooded eyelids, this brush is great for applying shadows into the outer corner of the lid and blending them up into the crease. This was purchased in the Make Me Cool Set from Sigma.

Sigma Eye Shading E55: This brush is much like the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Brush, in the sense that it is good for applying and packing color all over the eyelids. I do not use it for any other purpose,other than packing the color onto the lid. This was purchased in the Make me Cool Set from Sigma.

Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E-40: This brush has become my holy grail eye shadow brush. I use this brush clean to blend all over the lid and I use this brush with shadows on it to blend into my crease or blend out my transition color. This brush is so fluffy and it the perfect size for any shape or size eye. I also purchased this brush in the Make Me Cool Set from Sigma.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and dont forget to head over to my brand new YouTube channel and check out the video that goes along with this post.

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  1. Wow, you have an awesome brush collection!! I've been wanting to try the Sigma F80 for forever, I don't know why I just don't break down and get it! I found the same thing too with the RT blush brush, it just doesn't pick up enough! I was quite disappointed with it when I first tried it, as I love all of the other RT brushes. Now I use it for really pigmented blushes, like WnW, where you don't want to pick up too much.

    Yay!! I'm so excited you have a Youtube channel! I'm heading over to check it out! :)


    1. Thanks Vanessa! Your so Sweet. I have so many other brushes that I should be ashamed of myself for. Thanks for checking out my YouTube Channel!