Monday, October 7, 2013

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Effects Mascara Review !

Hey Everyone! This is the most exciting Post that I have done!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this product to hit the shelves and I have searched high and low for it. I was soooo Excited when I stumbled upon it at Wal-Mart out the blue when I was with my husband picking up some items that I needs for a trip I went on this past Weekend! So here we go! Let me know what you guys think and Feel Free to leave me Comments Below!!!

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Effects Mascara
According to L’Oreal the Voluminous Butterfly Effects Mascara is suppost to be the latest to jump on the trend of the winged out look for the eyes, although I feel this is truly a one of a kind mascara. This mascara has a specially designed brush that has bristles that wing out on the end that make your lashes appear to be fuller and longer closer to the outer corner of your eye where you would traditionally wing out your eyeliner.

The formula of this mascara is very wet. So you have to be cautious when applying it as it is very easy to smear. I do like the formula, I feel that it did not run onto my lower lash line or under my eyelashes and I have had zero flaking. I have worn this mascara several times since purchasing it and the true test was when I was in a wedding this past weekend, I chose to wear it with my False Eyelashes to give it a true test. MUCH to my surprise it worked out better than I expected. I applied one coat and put the falsies on and then applied another coat to marry the lashes to my falsies. My pictures turned out beautiful and the look I was going for was there!! I chose the color #868 Blackest Black… I did not see a water proof formula but that is not to say that there won’t be one anytime soon. However at a wedding you know there can be tears and it held up pretty well, especially when the father of the bride gave his speech…It was a tear jerker!

Up close of me with the Mascara and the Falsies On
Just a little blip it of me and my 2 besties before the ceremony 

The packaging is beautiful. L'Oreal chose to do a silver tube with black lines on it to make it appear as if the lines with the lashes. The brush and wand are of that plastic bristles, which I happen to like better than the other types of brushes that are out there. I think I Paid right around $7 or $8 at my Wal-Mart…. I was just so excited I totally forgot to look at the price.

Now for the Negative…. The only negative that I found is that the winged end of the mascara wand is only on one end. Which your thinking isn't that how it should be , well yes it should however I am right handed so it works awesome when doing my right eye, but when I switch to do the lashes on my left eye it can feel a bit awkward the way you have to position your hand and wrist. OTHER than that I think that L'Oreal Got it Right with this Mascara!! 

I would recommend that you purchase it as soon as you can find it!


  1. Great review Amber! I haven't seen this at any of my stores yet :( but I plan on purchasing it when I find it!