Sunday, November 24, 2013

Covergirl Trueblend Foundation & Concealer and Covergirl Bombshell Mascara and Eyeliner Review & First Impression!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

I have recently discovered some new Covergirl Products and I thought I would share my thoughts and first impressions with you. 

So Lets Get Started....

The first thing that I found was this Covergirl True Blend Foundation. I purchased the shade L6(Buff Beige).  The packaging is a glass bottle with a cap over the pump, this packaging reminds me a lot of the Covergirl  Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. I especially like that this foundation has a pump, I think that those are always the easiest to use and they are a lot less messy. The foundation claims to blend into your skin, which it does. I feel like this is a perfect match to my skin tone. There are 21 shades available in this line. This foundation is a light to medium coverage, I found that it is more on the lighter side, but you can build it up to a medium coverage foundation. Again, this Covergirl product has that traditional Covergirl Smell that is not that pleasant, but it goes away after a little bit.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone to try, I found mine at Meijer and it was around $7 or $8.

In the same trip to Mejier I also found that Covergirl came out with a Concealer Stick in the same True Blend Line, I picked it up as well to give it a try, I picked up the shade L5 6 7 or Light. I like this concealer stick ALOT. It is very creamy and gives a medium coverage when applied, however it feels very moisturizing when it is on the skin. I would not use this as an under eye concealer, however this would be great to cover up blemishes and or other discolorations. This comes in the traditional stick, it looks a lot like their Jumbo Gloss Balms, it has a clear plastic cap and you twist the bottom up for more product. I would recommend this product to anyone to try.

If you are only wanting to buy one thing out of this new line I would go for the concealer over the foundation, because I feel like the Stay Fabulous Foundation is a little bit better than this True Blend is. I think that with this line Covergirl is going to a similar concept as The L'Oreal True Match. Basically what you do is find your foundation match with your skin tone and each shade has a number assigned to it (i.e. L6) and then you choose from the other products that coordinate with the same shades. I really do like this kind of concept it makes choosing shades a lot easier. 

Next I was at CVS and I found that Covergirl released a new mascara, so of course I had to purchase it, it's called the Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lash Blast. This was very intriguing to me because it is a double ended mascara, having two different brushes, one on each end of the wand. The end labeled with a #1 is the Extreme Volume Base coat, this end is going to give your lashes the most volume. I found that it does give volume to the lashes, I would say that there are better voluminous mascaras out there but this is pretty decent. The wand for this end has very short rubber bristles, I really did not care for them because I feel like they can't really grab on to my lashes to distribute the product. I find them to be very similar to the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara.

 The end labeled #2 is the Intensifying Top Coat, this coat is going to intensify the volume of the lashes. This wand has bigger non-rubber bristles, which I love!! I think that it really does intensify the volume of the lashes. I would wear this end of the wand alone.

 I did one eye with this mascara and the other with the L'Oreal Butterfly Effects and you can really tell a difference in the Lashes, the side with the Covergirl Looked so much better! The packaging is bulky, it is a very wide tube of mascara and I feel like it would not be very easy to throw in a makeup bag in your purse. Overall though a good mascara and I probably would not repurchase it just because I have so many other drugstore favorites that are out there. 

In the same display as the Bombshell Mascara there was a liquid eyeliner called the Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner, I picked this up because well why not, haha. I absolutely did not like this eyeliner at all, it is not very pigmented and I felt that it faded after just a couple of hours of wearing it. I also thought that the tube and the wand with the liner on it was just too small and not very easy to work with. Strange enough when I came home with this eyeliner I thought that I already had this, so I went digging through my collection and found the Line blast 24 hour Eyeliner..... Oddly Enough I think that these two eyeliners are the exact same liners, just repackaged. So to my disappointment I kind of hated that I purchased the Bombshell Eyeliner because I did not like the Line blast 24 Hour Eyeliner.

Overall these are some good products, I wouldn't run out and buy them, but if your looking for something new or different to try, then give them a shot. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to leave comments below!

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  1. Thank you for the review. You helped me not to waste money.

    1. Sure Thing! Thanks for Reading my Blog!!!