Sunday, November 10, 2013

Almay Shadow Softies -- Review/First Impression

Hey Everyone! I know it Has been a few days since my last post however, I am glad to be back at it!

Today I am going to be doing a Review/First Impression post of the 
Almay Shadow Softies single eye shadows.

Lets Get Started.....

I found these single eye shadows on the top shelf at Target, kind of shoved in the back where you wouldn't notice them. There were several shades to choose from but I chose Vintage Grape and Smoke. These 2 shades were the only ones out of the group that I thought I would get the most use out of. The other colors I felt were shades that I would wear more in the spring and summer, as they were brighter shades. These individual eye shadows retail for between $4 and $6, which is around the normal price for single drugstore eye shadows. 
Vintage Grape (left) Smoke (right)

#140 Vintage Grape:

I picked this shade because it looked to be a deep beautiful purple. There was a small amount of shimmer, but I was okay with that because it looked as if it would hardly show up when applied to the lid. When I swatched it there was hardly any pigmentation to the shade so I was kind of disappointed with that, because I thought this would be a pretty shade to go with my hazel-brown eyes. Even when I tried to build the shade up on my lid it was next to impossible to get any color to show up.

#150 Smoke:

This is a smokey brown shade with a hint of taupe. This shade also has a hint of shimmer in it like the Vintage Grape, but it was not enough for me to be concerned with. Swatching this color, I was a little more excited because it did have a lot of color pay off. When I applied it to my lid it was really happy, the shadow was absolutely beautiful. Much like the Vintage Grape I had to pack the shade on, but once I had the color built up it was soooo pretty!

Vintage Grape is the Left Swatch and Smoke is the Right Swatch

Packaging: The package for these shadows are in a black teardrop shaped compact, with a peak through window on the top so you are able to see the color of the shadow. The package is very to open. I would say that if you have ALOT of makeup these could be kind of tricky to store with other single eye shadows because of the their shape.

Texture: These shadows are very Soft, hint the name Shadow Softies. They are very creamy to the touch and apply very easily. They remind me alot of how the Lorac Eye shadows apply to the lid, they go on kind of like butter. I like the texture of these shadows but if I had to guess, this soft texture has something to do with why they are not very pigmented, but I am not 100% certain.
Vintage Grape(left) Smoke(right)

Overall these are very pretty shades, but I would probably not repurchase these because they just do not have enough pigmentation. 

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